Quick FAQs

Do you have many questions in your mind? Don’t worry.
We got you covered!

Section 1

Basic things

1Are you regulated?

We are registered and approved under Payments Network Malaysia (PAYNET).

2Which are the merchants we can purchase from?

You can purchase any items from the all the merchants partnered with us.

We are working hard to bring in more of your favorite merchants onboard as well.

Do let us know if you want any of your favorite merchants onboard by clicking HERE

3What is the RM1 for?

This amount is to authorized the auto debit approval from you as well as to check the authenticity of your bank account.

This is a process which is required by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Trust us when we say we don't want it as well.

4Who can use Mr Pay Later?

Anyone! Everyone will be credit scored according to individuality so that you can enjoy purchasing the items you wan without falling into the debt trap.

5How many installment options do you provide?

Currently we provide the option to pay installment for 2 months or 3 months.

We do provide 6 months installment for few selected merchant.

We are planning to bring more installment plans very very soon!

Section 2

Installment repayment

1How and when will be the payment deducted?

How = The payment will be auto deducted from your bank account via auto debit.

When = The 1st payment will be deducted from your account within 3 to 4 working days while the next payments will be deducted for subsequent months.

2Will there be an interest for late payments?

We will charge a small amount of late fee according to the Syariah Law if you are late more than 7 days due.

If payment is made within the 7 days grace period, no fees will be charged.

Section 3

Syariah Compliant

1Are you syariah compliant?

We are currently in the midst of becoming a fully Syariah compliant company.

Rest assured as all our products are within the Syariah Law.

2What is Wakalah?

Wakalah refers to a contract where a party, as principal (muwakkil) authorizes
another party as his agent (wakil) to perform a particular task on matters that
may be delegated, with or without imposition of a fee.

3Will we be charged a Wakalah Fee?

Only if you use our partner, ASPIRASI's gateway.

4How much is the Wakalah Fee?

A one time payment of RM10 per transaction.

Section 4

Other questions

1What if I want a refund?

We follow the refund policy of the respective merchants you are purchasing from.

As soon as the merchant approves your refund, we will refund you back your money.

2Are you secured?

If you are worry about security, worry no more as we are partnered with respective banks.

So the only way for you to lose your financial information is if somebody hacks the whole bank!

3Do you need to need to provide document like payslip and etc?

No! You will not be required to attach any documents during the onboarding process.

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